Eating pig blood does not clear the lung. What are the foods that really raise the lung?

The lung is a member of the respiratory system. In recent years, due to the aggravation of air pollution, our lungs have been damaged for a long time. Many people will maintain their lungs for the sake of health. Of course, the most commonly used method is diet therapy. Pig blood is a nutritious food. It is rich in protein, iron, zinc and other mineral elements. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that often eating pig blood can beautify and beautify the face and treat dizziness. In life, many people also believe that pig blood can clean up the lungs, which makes many people who pursue health care more highly praise pig blood. Can eating pig blood really clean up the lungs? What should I eat if I want to raise my lungs? Can pig blood clear lung? The answer is No. The iron content of pig blood is very high. For patients with anemia, it is good to eat more pig blood. However, eating pig blood has no impact on human lungs. Lungs are human respiratory organs. Pig blood can only be digested through human intestines and stomach, and will not deliberately go to the lungs to clean up garbage. People often think that the black stool excreted after eating pig blood is the toxin in the lungs. In fact, it is not. It is only because the iron in pig blood forms iron sulfide under the action of intestinal flora, which is mixed with food residues. Therefore, pig blood does not have the effect of clearing the lungs. These foods that really nourish the lung should be eaten more in life. 1. Tremella is a nutritious fungal food. Ancient people regarded Tremella as a tonic that can prolong life. There are many kinds of amino acids in Tremella fuciformis, which is a good source of protein for human beings. Among them, tremella fuciformis polysaccharide, which is rich in Tremella fuciformis, has more effects on human body, can enhance human immunity, promote human blood circulation, regulate blood lipid and blood glucose, and has the function of moistening lung and dredging intestines. On weekdays, tremella fuciformis soup can be often stewed with lily, which can better maintain lung. 2, almond almond has been considered as a healthy food for nourishing lung and Qi since ancient times. The content of vitamin E in almond is rich. Research shows that when the vitamin E content is high, vitamin E is an incidence rate of lung cancer. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which can improve the antioxidant capacity of the lung. Regular supplementation of foods containing vitamin E can prevent lung cancer to a certain extent. Almonds are especially rich in vitamin E. you can eat more if you want to raise your lungs. The maintenance of the lungs is also very important to the human body. While maintaining the lungs, we should also pay attention to the balance of nutrition. In summer, the best way to maintain the lungs is to drink more water, so as to promote the blood circulation of the lungs, quickly discharge the garbage breathed into the human body and make the lungs healthier.