Five kinds of food for people with allergic asthma

Patients with allergic asthma often feel that they are not breathing enough. They always feel that they inhale less oxygen and exhale more. Sometimes, if it is serious, they will feel difficult to breathe. It is like a person holding his neck. In order to get rid of this feeling, asthmatic patients will keep inhaling and exhaling. So how to reduce the incidence of asthma? In daily life, asthma patients and their families must start from diet. Some foods should be noted by patients with allergic asthma. 1. Eggs and foods rich in egg products, such as eggs, are the most common foods. In addition, there are duck eggs and goose eggs, because egg white protein contained in eggs is one of the main factors inducing asthma. 2. Seafood and aquatic products are the most susceptible foods. The incidence rate of asthma has been increased in the developed areas. Many studies have shown that fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and mussels can induce allergic asthma. Even cooked meat can cause asthma, so this kind of food is not recommended for patients with asthma. 3. There are also some fruits that can not be eaten by people with asthma. Generally, the fruits that are easy to cause asthma include peaches, persimmons, cherries, mangoes, pineapples and strawberries. These fruits are recommended not to be eaten by patients with asthma. 4. Some crops and edible oils rich in high protein, such as peanuts, soybean oil, wheat and other crops rich in high protein. These raw oil crops contain more polysaccharide protein and protein, which can easily lead to the attack of asthma. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid eating them. 5. Food materials such as wheat grain should also be avoided. According to research, it is easy to suffer from asthma if you often touch the master making bread. This is because long-term contact with wheat flour makes the respiratory tract more sensitive, resulting in allergic asthma. There are five kinds of food that allergic asthma needs to pay attention to. I hope it can help people with allergic asthma. In daily life, allergic asthma also needs to pay attention to the protection of respiratory system in daily life, especially when staying in the central air-conditioned room, try to maintain the humidity of indoor air and avoid going to some dusty environment, In haze weather, wear masks to travel or at home as much as possible to reduce the stimulation to the respiratory system.