Upper eyelid and lower eyelid pain, as well as two small pimples in the inner corner of the eye. When looking at things

The doctor replied:

considering that most of the small pimples from the corners of the eyes are inflammatory lesions caused by bacterial infection, it should be wheat granuloma. It is recommended that the patients use hot towel and hot compress to promote absorption. If necessary, antibiotic eye ointment can be used for treatment. Do not rub the eyes with your hands during the treatment, In order to avoid cross infection

the doctor replied:

the pain of the upper and lower eyelids is caused by inflammation. Of course, it does not rule out that it is caused by bacterial infection. In this case, antibiotic eye drops, such as ofloxacin eye drops or praprofen eye drops, can be dropped in the eye. Pay attention to eye hygiene and avoid rubbing the eyes