Can 10-year-old children's hyperopia be corrected

The doctor replied:

it depends on the degree of hyperopia. Generally speaking, you correct your child too late. Under normal circumstances, it will be better to correct it at the age of about three or four. It can't be corrected after the age of 12. Therefore, at present, there is still a chance at the age of 10, but it's difficult to correct it.

doctor's reply:

according to your description and analysis, when the adjustment and relaxation are parallel, the light is focused on the retina after passing through the refractive system of the eye, and then the deceased is willing to have unclear vision and myopia. Specifically, you can go to the local regular hospital for consultation and examination, actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment, keep in a happy mood, don't worry too much, and pay attention to eye hygiene at ordinary times