How is defecation sometimes thick and sometimes thin?

Doctor's reply:

consider carefully when defecating. Gastrointestinal dysfunction is mainly due to autonomic nerve dysfunction controlling intestinal movement, resulting in uncoordinated gastrointestinal movement. Food can not be fully digested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, which will be manifested as defecation, changes in appearance, common intestinal neoplastic diseases, colorectal cancer, perianal diseases such as hemorrhoids, Hypertrophy of anal papilla will also cause tissue compression of stool, resulting in rough and fine stool

doctor's reply:

condition analysis:

Hello, I feel that I usually have irregular stool. If this happens, it may be caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction.


in this case, you can eat probiotics to regulate your intestines. It is suggested that you'd better not eat cold, spicy and irritating food and fried barbecue greasy food at ordinary times. Pay attention to food hygiene, eat light and digestible food, don't overeat and eat more meals.